July 31st, 2005

The Tea Party

Hello, All! :D

New fanart! My shy and incredible cowardly colourist friend discovered a DN contest ran by the very cool and yummy Go Devil Dante at the DeathNote FanClub of DA, so I scribbled something.

My scribble was then regurgitated by the really yellow verdant and ended up like so:


The contest was to draw DN characters as Fairy Tale characters. Raito here is the Mad Hatter, and darling L is the Happy March Hare :3.

I hope you all enjoy :D.

My DA, is btw here
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A friend and I were discussing the Death Note and an interesting question came up. The DN only works for people with names, what if the child was never named by his/her parents for one reason or another? Would the eyes still works and see the person's name? There's an under 780 days old rule where the note won't work on the person, but what about a nameless kid?
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