August 1st, 2005

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

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Just joined today but I thought I'd share the gift I made for my friend on deviantART. 

I didn't draw it, and you guys have seen the pic a gazillion times but...I did spend three hours taking the grayscale out of and coloring his hair. I want to draw fanart of Raito soooo badly...

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Hello everyone! I am back... this time I swear I coded the html manually... therefore it should work properly... *crosses fingers*

This time I brought a colored version of my chibi!L. Also, I wanted to announce that *inserting shameless spam* I am drawing for the
30 rooms and 30 cracks challenges, which lead me to have my own
Deviantart account (due to the fact that the 30 rooms challenge allows R or NC-17 content... and I am more than willing to draw in those categories... XD

As usual comment, if you liked/enjoyed my work... please? (text links below, all they open in a new window)

(The L of L.A.W)

( 30 cracks: challenge Toys)

Sorry for spamming!
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Tea Party, ..... again ^^;

Sorry, I don't want to spam, but it felt funny replying to my own post below. Maybe I'm strange? So, anyway, here's my Tea Party.

I apologize again for the new topic....

Ah, incidentally, I have some black and white versions of Death Note fanarts of mine. I was wondering if anyone would actually be interested in colouring them. If so, I will make them available on my DA :).

Here are the coloured versions of the pictures to which I have the black and white versions of:


I might look for others if anyone is interested :).