August 3rd, 2005

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I'm free! At last!

Hi! I'm new to this community! I just finished book seven of Death Note... it wouldn't let me go until I was at least close to being caught up. I've been practially chained to that manga for the past 2 and a half days (with work and sleep cutting in). I haven't gotten much sleep for the past few days. But I'm caught up at last... And to think it all started when I bought an import copy of book one from a Waldenbooks, lol.

Anyway, after seeing some of Raito's actions, I've started to ponder on some rather philosophical things having to do with the human mind. Then again, I'm sure someone's mentioned this before. But just bear with me ^^;;

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I thought the whole doll thing was funny.
So I volunteer, to take some pictures as one of my boys as Raito.
If it's on Yamato (the bigger one) I'll buy him the right wig, eyes and redo the faceup and make the uniform.
If its Takeo (the little one) I'll change the eyes, hair, make an outfit. But not the face.

If anyone has any ideas for them, or pictures, just comment xD
A few random pics of my boys behind the cut xD

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Death Toast.

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On the theme of those kickass dolls, Hey, look, it's Mello!

..Just.. Just pretend it's blonde. You know. With your imaginations. Wooo. o.o

We should all pitch in and get these dolls and then hold massive Death Note puppet shows. It'd be awesome, eh? "DN@LJ Productions Presents.. Ennui, Chocolate, and Sex With Inanimate Objects."


You know you'd all buy tickets. :P

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