August 4th, 2005

Help looking for a certain image...

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could do me a favour.

My friend and I are currently throwing some of the more..'questionable' DN fanarts around, out of boredom mainly. I went to pull out one of my trump cards, when to my horror I realised I had completely lost it.

My question is: does anyone have that picture of Raito and L, with them both standing in white lingerie complete with angel wings?

That's about all I can remember of it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

any DN fan here want to help a fellow DN fan? Please?

If this is not allowed, please simply delete or ignore this entry

I'm PLANNING to go to Japan for 2 weeks at the end of this month. And I NEED YOUR HELP!

1. My budget is rather tight. Accomodation is the main problem atm. So if anyone here lives in Japan (in one of the major cities?) and is willing to let me stay in their garage or something, or KNOW someone there who would, or at least recommend me a place where I can stay for CHEAP (and I mean, really cheap), that would be teh awesomeness!
2. Can anyone point me to the direction of HOTSPOTS: and what I mean by "hotspots" is of course: places where I can find some Death Note doujins and goodies, or anime cons (or yaoi cons) and other interesting animanga-related event areas ^_~
3. And of course, I DO intend to attend the Death Note event on Sept 4th, so if anyone here or anyone you know is going there, it'd be so cool if I can bump into them

Thanks for your info. And be warned: My Japanese is VERY VERY crap.


Eeek... lurker for such a long time, I've finally decided to post. I watched some of the previous entries and I saw someone posted dollfies. Well, I don't know if this has been posted before, but I found something nice some time ago...
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Heh... anyway, that's all. ^^

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