August 5th, 2005

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More fanfic

Eheh, a follow-up on my intro post here, just a few more fics:

On the M/N (and L/M/N) Death Note AU (AU from 58 up), the other parts of which are in the post I linked above:
The Influence of Rain (M/N, not safe for work)
Born Again, the Virgin Bleeds (M/N, not safe for work)

Other M/N:
Best Laid Plans (N/M, crack, not safe for work, general spoiler warning)
A Shot in the Dark (M/N, gunsex, bloodplay, squick, not safe for work, No spoilers)
A Change of Plans (N/M, not safe for work, spoilers for chapter 73, AU from there XD; )

L/Light drabbles:

Adagio (Some hints of Light-->L, chapter 58 content, Safe for work)
That Which We Call A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet (Some Light/L banter, no spoilers, safe for work)
He Does Not Worship Anything Because He Believes Himself to Be a God (Gen, just Light-centric religious symbolism, no spoilers, safe for work.)
Remedy (L/light, safe for work)

...yeah, enjoy!