August 6th, 2005


*pisses pants*

It hasn't loaded yet. I'm terrified. I don't know whats gonna happen.....

By the way, in an unrelated to deathnote note, this morning I fell back asleep like I always do, and the phone rang, and I answered the remote.

True story.

The Obata Crossovers?

Okay, I happen to have heard a lot about Death Note/Hikaru no Go crossovers, but I can only find that one fic where Hikaru meets a ghost and Akira meets a shinigami. However, in the comments of that fic, I recall someone having said that these crossover-things were kinda common. So if anyone would enlighten me as to the existence of these crossovers, please tell me.

*shameless begging*

*cries* Could someone PLEASE upload or YSI me ch.74 raw PLEASE? I've been trying to download the damn thing for the past 2 hours from 3 different servers and they ALWAYS stop halfway! I'm dying to see what happens and it's DRIVING ME NUTS!!! So can someone PLEASE help me? I will owe you my life and you can have my soul!!! *continues begging*
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