August 9th, 2005

Fanart Search

HEY HEY HEY!!! ^^ Its me and I'm actually NOT freaking out about something.

Actually, I'm on a fanart search, and going to share some of my own dn fanart, cause hey, when in Rome...

But first, I'd like to (yes I know, shut up!) see MelloXSayu fanart, if anyone has ANYTHING I'll give you a new car I swear! I think I'm like the only one who ships these two and draws fanart.... O.O

Actually on a serious note I'd like to see more Sayu art and/or Rem art. The dn fan world needs more of them, they're so sweet and I'm totally gay for the both of them :P

And besides 'Little Evil', does anyone have a torrent or link to a doujinshi starring Mello and/or Near? Yaoi or het or anything?

Lastly, here's some links to my fanart. They are all links to da pages, and some of them are only previews, which have direct links below. The reason is obviously because tghey are NC-17 and NOT INTENDED FOR MINORS!!

Lame Mello and Near animal totem thingy:
Colored Mello from the manga:
My Mello 'animation':
1 DN icon:
2 DN icon:
3 DN icon:
1 DN avatar:
First Mello fanart:
The link between LXLight:
First MelloXSayu:
"You loose AGAIN Matsuda!":
Image Macros Play 1:
Image Macros Play 2:
Image Macros Play 3:
Image Macros Play 4:
ADULT art of Mello 'bukkake' *blush*:
ADULT art 2 MelloXSayu:
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First Death Note usage.

So I bought a Death Note. Decided to write something in it. My friend told me who to kill first.

So I did.

I'll end up offending someone, but seriously, I'm not that against the guy. You just gotta admit, it's funny. =)

My first Death Note killing.

Yeah, useless post. If you have a sense of humor like me, you'll find it funny. =p
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Well, I've been working on my Raito shrine for ages and decided to finally put up what I have. I have to just finish summarizing the manga, adding more quotes, and finish the gallery.

It's here, and I'd like your opinions on the layout.

I have a laptop, and thus my layout will look very different to me as it does to everyone else. >_>

Thank you. <3

(Yes, it's me again, the one with the stupid Death Note entry that I wrote about George Dubya.)
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Question: If you had a clone, and someone wrote your name in a Death Note, would you both die? Neither die? Or YOU die?
I mean, DNA; you're same person.
But technically, you aren't.
But you ARE the same person, except there's two of you.
You have the same name, but names can be changed to sub 1 and sub2 or something. Then what?
What if your birth name and you became married; do they actually "update" your name?
What if you got plastic surgery?

Am I just being annoying?

I think this is one of the most coolest interpertation of the webpage for Kira. I wanted to make one... >.>
No, I don&#39;t think so.

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These icons are OLD.
Well, a month or so old. I just got around to crossposting them [If you're wondering, I belive I only crossposted this to fm_alchemist and fullmetal_icons before today]
Anyways, the Death Note ones pretty much suck, as I was pretty unmotivated when making them, but bear with me.

[x] Light/L - 6
[x] L - 1
[x] Light - 2

and SPOILERS for the later episodes of FMA, later chapters of Furuba. And there's also a bit of swearing, along with 54905793843034834 references to sex and other such things