August 11th, 2005

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random DN junk

me and some of my friends are cosplaying as death note characters at Otakon next weekend!

if anyone cares to look at what we have so far, including a pic of our L cosplayer, here's a link

also i've been writing some DN fanfiction and posting on if you enjoy fanfics please read!

title: Keep Your Friends Close But Your Enemies Closer...
summary: Raito comes up with the perfect plan to find out L's real name--seduce him.
pairings: Raito/L
chapters: 4 done so far of ~10

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Best scanlation group? o.o

Hope I don't get flamed for this. Heh. x3;;

Well.. I stopped reading at chapter 59.. And I've gotten lazy to download the newer ones, but I am still a DN fan. ^^; Anyway, now there are like so many scanlation groups out there scanlating DN.. I'm wondering which group does the majority think is best? According to Baka-Updates, there's:

Aku Tenshi
Ice-Master Scanlations
The Ones Who Never Lie
Toriyama World
We, The Fans

I got chapters 1-59 from We, The Fans, but I'm wondering which group is the best one? I want to know which one does the community think is the best DN scanlators out of quality, not speed. o.o;; Thanks. ^^ ... Sorry if I'm asking for too much help. x.x;; But also,, when are the chapters released in Japan? It's weekly, on which day? And.. what chapter is it currently on..?
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