August 12th, 2005

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Death Note is so great!! Okay, now how many of you guys are L fans or Raito fans? It seems to me that everywhere I go, there isn't a Raito fan and everyone just likes L! (hehehehe). Even my friends love L and no Raito? I was rooting him the whole way. By no means, I hate L. Opposed to Mello and Near, I REALLY liked L's interaction with Raito (as much as they hate each other's guts through the kicking and punching).

Okay, Okay. I just simply want to know how many of you are L or Raito fans! That's the main point of my rambling.

(edited for spoilers. I wasn't aware that I was actually doing this because most people talk about Mello and Near. So don't beat me up for that! Besides, read up the lastest released chapter on the manga online before you come here is my advice!! Reading all these entries on this lj community will make you too excited to read what happens next!)

(I'm not too sure what is an lj cut and how to make one... So don't blame me for that please).
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*welcomes self*

Hey, everyone. I'm new to the community; my roommate got me hooked. Everyone prolly knows noceleryforomi; unless Omi's been hiding lately.
Anyways, I made some party favors to celebrate my joining the comm (XD what a joke). Anyways, here's a bunch of icons and bases for everyone. Please comment/credit if you take them; I'm not going to specify which are bases and which are icons; I think it's fairly obvious, but if you want to customize what I'd intended as an icon, that's cool too. Anyways, it's pretty obvious who my -roommate's- favourite character is; I made most of these with Omi in mind.

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I'm relatively new here, I've read up to chapter 63, still upset over what happened in chapter 58 ;_;
Anyhoo, I come bearing fanart! It's a young L, I suppose it's kinda the cliche L drawing and stuff, but ssshhhh >_> I may have some more to put up later! -everyone groans-
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