August 13th, 2005

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how come we never see ryuuku eating apples anymore! :\
its as weird as suddenly L or mero not eating anything >_< WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE APPLES DAMNIT!!!!
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Can't help but like him.

Here's a question for you.

Do you want Raito/Light to succeed in his "make the world a better place by killing every one who is EVIL" mission?

I'm not asking if you think he will succeed (I don't see it happening myself), I'm asking if you want him to.

I know he seems to turn into more of a psychopath with every passing day (seriously, you look at him in chapter one and then you look at my icon. WOW.)...but I still find myself hoping he'll out-smart Near/Mello/anybody else who stands in his way.

...don't you?
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    pity about L though.
No, I don&#39;t think so.

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Once again, old icons.
Well, a week or so younger than my last post, but still. I've just gotten around to crossposting them [Before today, I've only crossposted them to fm_alchemist and fullmetal_icons]

Anyways, There's only 2 Death Note ones; Misa and Remu, and Light.

They're over here
NOTE: there are sorta-spoilers for later episodes of FMA there too

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I'm new here, I've read up to chapter 73. I have a crush on L. *blush* But I'm now here because I wanted to share few pictures:

L, Mello, Nia:
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