August 14th, 2005

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does anyone know where I could find a good friends only banner for my LJ? I have been searching but I cant seem to be able to find one...
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Multi-fandom shirts!

A friend and I were inspired by another livejournal user to make a couple'a the nerdiest shirts you've ever seen.
Spoilers ensue for the fifth Harry Potter, the middle-ish bit of Full Metal Alchemist, and chapter 58 of Death Note.
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Aya~! I made 7 new icons and posted them with the ones I posted a few days back in a huge batch~. Go check 'em out ne?

Warning: Just like before the icons might be a bit spoiler-ish so don't look unless you're past ch. 58~. Enjoy~.

[13] Death Note
[9] King of Bandit Jing
[2] Yugioh
[2] Paranoia Agent
[2] FullMetal Alchemist
[2] Kingdom Hearts
[1] FLCL

Teaser: Image hosted by Image hosted by

(Some Raito, a pinch of L, a dash of slash. Put 'em all together with some other animes and ya get...)

Don't forget to comment if you like! Always credit if you take~. That's all. =3
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