August 16th, 2005

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Death Note goes to Otakon!

Hi all! *waves* :D

Just wondering if anyone is attending Otakon this weekend? ^.^ Aaaaand if anyone else is cosplaying from Death Note. =D

I'm going to be L on Sunday and eventually end up at the photoshoot. (Details here -->

The photoshoot is 10:30am on Sunday at the 3rd Floor Outdoor Terrace. (If you have no idea where that is, you're not alone. x.x Here's hoping that I can figure out where that is by Sunday...) So if you're around, come by and stalk the DN cosplayers! =D

Apparently we'll be sharing the ara with a Lolita photoshoot. Heheheh...sweets for L. <3

Maybe now I'll be able to get good photos of my upgraded L cosplay. (I've gone through 2 diferent sweaters, the 3rd one being worn to Otakon and a handful of different eyeliners. Probably next up will be a new pair of jeans and a new wig. <_< I'm not a perfectionist....really.)
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Alert: Stupid question

Hi :D

Okay, I haven't been online much lately so I don't know if this has come up, but I've been going over the past dozen chapters and umm.. is it just me or is Near getting fatter and.. younger? :x

Am I the only one who thinks that his character design looks younger, rounder, and less defined than when first appeared? :O WTF is that, yo? :O

Okay, just kidding, everyone has totally noticed :O The bottom part of my post still applies though, unless everyone has already talked about this too. ._.

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I didn’t see a rule for this, so let me know if I’m out of line and I will delete it immediately.

Just thought I’d let people know that a new RP game is currently accepting applications. It’s cross-genre so I’d love to see some DN characters in there. =D Click the banner if you’re interested.

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