August 17th, 2005

FDTD - Seth

Death Note 74

I was at Townl trying to donwload Page 74, but all I could get was some 'Http 404' and...well, I simply can't find a way to donwload it, so...if someone knows other way to get this chapter or if someone could send to me, Mica would be very pleased ^_^
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shall we dansu
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Hii! I've been lurking around this community for quite some time XD Anyway I love this place because there's so many interesting stuff you can't find elsewhere^^
I drew a random DN fanart recently, please take a look =))

Oh and I'm a big Kira/Evil Raito fan. Innocent, filial, good boy Raito is just so boring. Don't you agree with me? XD

(ps. I think there's smth wrong with the HTML T.T so sorry)

Is the HTML better? *wonders*
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Hey I'm a newbie here--well it's my first post in this community anyways--and I got bored last night and did a quick self portrait that my parents think looks like me lol--and then I got curious and wondered what I would look like if I cosplayed---considering I don't think I can cut my hair short--or get it that floofy, or get make up for the insomniac eyes.

I don't do much Death Note fanart--b/c well I suck at drawing ppl--so this is the first fanart--if you could call it that--that I'm putting up
Okay--so I don't make a very good L...but hey--I got curious--so don't kill me now...

orig self portrait

my portrait as L
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art : aluma

(no subject)

Hello, first fanart post for me. ^_^

Unfortunately, they're all on deviantART: L, Mello, and another L.

Please be warned though, the last L drawing is kind of creey, but hopefully semi-worksafe. No parings, sexual stuff, or anything.

Hope everyone likes, and I hope the links work. Thanks.
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|D, sleaze

IMAF October 2005

Out of interest, anyone here going to the International Manga and Anime Festival [IMAF] this year? It's on 21st-25th October, in London at the County House. A group of us are going, gonna do a big Death Note cosplay x3 So far we have Raito, L [toxic_oreo], Misa[not definite], Mello and Near [me ^^]
So yeah, was just curious to know who else would be going. We might bump into you :D
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Death Toast.


Does anyone happen to have the little Death Note Christmas strip thing? I don't remember if it was official or not, but I think Raito gave Ryuk a gameboy.. I looked through the December and January archives, but I couldn't find it. Probably because I'm blind. So if anyone has it, I'd very much appreciate it. Or if I totally just made it up in my mind, I guess that'd be nice to know too..