August 21st, 2005


DeathNote Spotting in Full Metal Panic!!!

Hello~~!!! I kinda have a tendency to lurk so this is my first post but...but...

I SWEAR I JUST UNMISTAKABLY SAW L and Misa in the sixth episode of Full Metal Panic: Second Raid at around the ninth minute and something~something-th second.... O_O There was a back-view of Misa and L proceeded to ride by on a bicycle...'twas super what the pho...

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Death Note Wallpaper

This is one my first wallpapers. I notice that there really is a lack of L wallpapers, so I made one. For some reason I uploaded this wallpaper to ImageShack with a 1024x768 size but it was then magically resized to 1280x960. Hmmm.....

Patrick - Dark eyes stare

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Y'ello~~~. I bring icons again~. I'm slowly becoming a Near this batch has a majority of Near icons. ^^

[1] L
[2] Mello
[6] Near*
[3] Raito

*I liked the many different versions of an icons were spawned from it. So nyah. xp

Teaser: Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Comment if you like, Credit if you take. The usual jabber. =P All comments are appreciated~. -^_^-
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L mood theme ^_^

Whee, so I finally have something to post about rather than just commenting! Fun~ I got bored and I've been meaning to make a mood theme for L because he is love, but I was too lazy until now, and even now I rushed it, so they don't look as good as they could, buuuuut oh well XD They're all transparent and 50x50.

Only people with paid accounts can use them for mood themes, but if you want to use them for anything else, go right ahead, just credit me, okay? n_n;; And if you have a paid account and don't know how to use the custome mood theme thing, I won't be able to help because I don't have a clue either XD

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Download the zip

There's 47 total, but I can't upload them all individually until my friend with the webspace gets online like tomorrow, so you only get a few examples right now .-.

Enjoy them ^_^

P.S. I am SO making the rest of the cast too XD *too much free time*

Edit: You actually can use the mood theme if you don't have a paid account. Check out how here.

Thanks, smartycat!
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by the_pixelized *_*, death note
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AnimagiC 2005 L Cosplay

Soo... yup I've been at AnimagiC again this year. As I have a new haircut I decided to cosplay L. The hair could be better still, but I was unsure how much hairspray and other hairstyle products I'd need. Next time maybe ^^.

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I hope you like it. ^^
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