August 25th, 2005

Death Toast.

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For my kiriban at DeviantART, I was asked to make some Raito x L loving, so I made them into schoolboys because, well, uniforms consume me.

It is here!

Tis fairly work safe, I think. Just snoggery, but, I guess, it depends on how rigid your workplace is.. >.>
Pique and Fabregas are so in love

a request please

hello, my name is lizardqueen and i love Death Note. (L is awesome!!)

unfortunatley i have not been updated with the manga and soon realized that chapter 77 has yet to come out. and the last chapter i left off of was chapter 61.

does any one have chapters 62+?

i tried finding those chapters in the community, but my brain is starting to fry from searching. X___X

it would be nice if you could compile them in files.

english translations would be preferable.
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*shameless begging for ch.76*

*cries hysterically*

Look, I'm really sorry for being a real bitch here, but goddammit I'm desperate desperate desperate! TOWNL refuses to download on me, it keeps stopping halfway. I'm dying here, and I'm sure there's lots of you virtuous souls in here, so could you PLEEEEEEAAAAASEEEEEEEEE YSI me ch.76 raw? I'LL GIVE YOU MY SOUL!!!! Thanks beforehand.
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