August 26th, 2005

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Hey, I just recently discovered that there are perhaps a couple of people I actually know in this group! ^__^ *waves to them*

Anywho, onto the proper reason for posting.
I don't suppose somebody could provide me with some links, or a good website rec. for Deathnote scanlations? the site I've been using seems to have gone boo-boo lately, and their downloads aren't working. Grr. >__< So yeah, I'm looing for translated scans of chapters 73 upwards, really.

Oh! And here's a quick doodle. L!!!! *hugs* Yup, it's that crappy pic I posted a while ago and promised that I would work on. Well.....I gotta confess, i just gave it a sooooper quicky colouring in, just to make me feel less guilty about not doing anything. Oops. But at least now that AyaCon is finished, i may have some spare time to draw more stuffs. Yay!
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That's the original sketch, or at least part thereof, and THIS is the crap-tastic coloured version.
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I wanted to give the piccy a faded or bleached sorta look. Hmm............Meh. @_@
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just a short note

I'm sorry if this has been already said.

While I was in Books-a-Million today, I checked the current release dates for Death Note. This is being put out by Viz, for those of you living under a rock.
Vol. 1 = October 2005
Vol. 2 = November 2005
Vol. 3 = January 2006

link for volume 1

Thank you for your attention, and have a nice day.
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 Earlier today, me and <lj user="kiku_tan"> were watching  Mika Nakashima's Glamourous Sky Live and talking about Hyde, 
when we came across this picture of him. Look's like Hyde's been reading DN too...

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Stripping is better in color.

My coloring skills are sad but I think I like how it came out...

And I also realized how it was quite impossible for him to be stripping if he was still chained to L so I photoshopped it out after inking. Mayhaps.... L let him off his leash just long enough to let him "change". Of course, this is all under close supervision. XD

P.S. Has Raito ever worn jewerly? He does now.

Click the pic to make it bigger!

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