August 27th, 2005

  • lavhire

Death note anime? ~ Preview in Full Metal Panic : The2ndRaid

Omg The Death note gang in Full Metal Panic : The 2nd raid episode 6!

Death note anime gang

Well even though L has no eyebags but its so obvious with Raito and his dad standing there.. with Misa at the other side O.o

The funny part is when (I think ) mebbe Raito and his dad we're looking in the JUON salon and sousuke went panicking and wants to take his gun out coz they we're looking in (he was having his hair washed obviously)? i think.. Anyway the whole death note is only for like 1.5 seconds I think but it was so obvious.. O.o
No, I don't think so.

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Once again, old icons.
Only by a couple of weeks though.
I haven't started crossposting these anywhere before today, so they should seem fairly fresh

Death Note:
[x] Light and Misa - 1
[x] Naomi - 2

and some Fight Club, Ai no Kusabi, FullMetal Alchemist and YYH.
SPOILERS for most fandoms [mostly the late forties in FMA, and I guess kinda-sorta spoilers for Ai no Kusabi and Fight Club] though nothing new or shocking for Death Note.
And there are alot of animated icons so they might look kind of choppy; they're not though ^^