August 29th, 2005


I have converted another to the death note way of life.

I told her long ago to read it--on the pretense that there was some mild secretive yaoi action and really hot boys, she loves that shit, as do I--and we didn't say much about it after that, until suddenly she starts faving all my fanarts and squealing how much she loves Mello, and I think she couldn't have fallen for him over my art. Then she tells me she's read all of it, and she admits that it is WAY too hard to wait for new chapters ^^


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Hey, I'm a new member& Death Note fan.

I'm really sorry if this question was asked before:

Are there just translations of the 70+ chapters.... or are there places that have the scanlations.
If anyone knows a site w/the 70+ chapter scanlations, please comment.

Eek, sorry..

Death Note Article

This is an old article, but it does a nice job of introducing and addressing Death Note. In fact, out of all the summaries of Death Note, I find this one to be the best. Nothing we don't already know, but I enjoyed reading about the genre of psychological manga; I also became interested in the other 'dark, character-driven' manga described. May be of interest to people who like Death Note and would also be interested in reading stuff along the same vein.
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Shenanigins are afoot

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:P Hello. I just thought I would announce for those of you that didn't know, that Death Note is being translated through Shonen Jump/Viz in October. Just a little heads up. [Unfortunately they translated Raito's name literally ... bleh ...]