September 1st, 2005

Jump Superstars with special guest

Shonen Jump decided to come face to face with Nintendo Smash Brother's style and released, in japan, a game for all shonen jump fans out there. Expecting the usual bunch (Goku, Naruto, that spiky yugioh guy and the dude from shaman King (Im sorry, I am on Death Note mood right now and can't remember any names),I was surprised in seeing the folks from Tennis no Ouji-sama (or Prince of Tennis) AND

RAITO-KUN???!?!!! OMFG!!

I need that game, right NOW.

Kudos to Gamespy for the breaking news ^__^
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(not really OT) comm pimping


It strikes me that Death Note is at the moment, a relatively small fandom, so I thought this might be of interest to some people, especially since there are so many talented writers and artists here.

Windsorblue has set up a community that works on the same principle as fic_on_demand to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. The community is called blood_for_fic . You make requests (like, say, Death Note, Mello/Near for example, see how it relates?), and as soon as they are fulfilled donate blood to the Red Cross or your local blood bank. It's a good way to read fic you'd like, and do a good thing at the same time :)

All information about the community can be found in the userinfo, and in this post;

Please join if you're interested, since the comunity can't flourish without members.

(Mods can feel free to delete this if it's too off topic).

Thank you for reading.