September 4th, 2005

mad prince

Death Note Artbook

I have a Death Note + Hikaru no Go artbook from China that I'll want to sell off. (I think somebody on the comm posted a picture of it up before...^^") It's the one with Raito and Ryuuk on the cover and Misa on the back cover. It contains all the artwork done of Death Note at the time when it's printed...(ok, there's Mello and Nia in it, but not the book 7 cover. XD)

My camera's not working, so I can't post a picture...>_> I'll see if there's anyone I know living nearby with a scanner. But the artbook is in pristine condition. I've only flipped through it once and it's been on my book shelf ever since.

So yeah. ^_^ Taking offers for it. Anyone?

ETA: And over here the Death Note (you know the one with the rules written inside and all) seems to be pretty rampantly sold. XD At SGD10...which is around USD6-7. XD
art : aluma

Death Note Drama CDs

I was suddenly curious;

We all understand that making an animated series for Death Note is still much less than likely, even for an OAV, but what about a series of drama albums? Spoken word by Japanese actors for a few short stories or panning the entire storyline?
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Volume 8 - Chapters?

Because I'm an organizational freak, what chapters are in Volume 8? (Also has a larger scan of the volume cover been located? >_>)

Really sorry to do this, but I just hate when something isn't organized on my computer and I know it can be. XD

(And is there anyplace where I can find out this kind of info, for future reference? I really don't like bothering the community like this. ^^)
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