September 6th, 2005


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Does anyone know the name of the font in which the letters "L", "M", "N" and "W" for L, Mello, Nia and Watari in "Death Note" are written? I´d need it urgently and don´t know the name...And if I knew it, I could search for it and install it ^^"
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Death Note Cosplayers (And not me this time. XP)

I found this site and it has Death Note cosplay! =D Barbie and Kate are such awesome cosplayers!

Scroll down the page to about halfway, the first column on the left you will see "Death Note" with a little preview image. All the links in that column are DN cosplay photos. =)

I really REALLY loved these photo sets because they re-create parts of the manga. =D And they do an amazing job at it too. O__O
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