September 10th, 2005

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Akamaru Jump?

I've been digging around for Akamaru Jump scans. I vaguely remember a Death Note Christmas gag comic where Raito writes Santa's name in his Death Note. Does anyone have this comic?

I found a site awhile ago that had all of the Akamaru Jump Christmas gags in it, but lost it... does anyone know where I can find these gag comics or any other gag comics featured in Akamaru Jump? Thanks.

Akamaru Jump is Shonen Jump's monthly magazine (right?) and often has official gag comics from some popular Jump series, such as Death Note. If anyone knows where I can find an archive of these Akamaru gag comics from Death Note (or ANY Jump series), I'd appreciate it. :D

Edit: Thanks to honigbienchen for showing me the Death Note Christmas gag. :D Since it's just one page, I got bored and scanlated it... it's under the cut.

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The hunt for Akamaru comics continues... I really love them. :P They're so strange...

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Does anyone know if there are any books/novels that are similar to Death Notes' story? Such as complex crime investigation stories? People as smart as L/Near/Mello finding out a mystery or a crime?
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