September 11th, 2005

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A few icons

So, these are my first attempt at icons (and at photoshop too)

I was pretty proud of myself, and then I  looked at some former entries here and, well... the less I can say is that I still can improve myself... XD

I post them anyway and hope you'll enjoy:

Comments are welcome, and of course feel free to take.:D


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I've always liked the idea of fan soundtracks!

Hello, I have just joined this community! I have been reading Death Note since May or June. I don't have any gifts to bring but I have brought the lyrics to a certain song that I felt has always seemed to fit the mood of Death Note. Read the lyrics and see what you think!
For me I feel the song always captured the dark and on-the-edge feel of the series. I am aware that the lyrics are not exactly describeing the situation but still....

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Cosplay Help -- L


(I'm a first time poster... Yeah.)

I plan on cosplaying as L from Deathnote for Halloween and was wondering if the wig I'm about to describe would work. (Hopefully I'm descriptive enough.)

It's a chin-length black wig, with short bangs and is parted down the middle. I wish I had pictures of it, but I sadly do not. Unless you'd like to take a look at a picture of my Melissa Mao (from Fullmetal Panic) costume because that'd be the wig I'd be using.

Would this work??

Thanks for your help!

Sayonara and Seeyasoon,
Rose of Malice

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