September 15th, 2005

cosplay - neko mask
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I bring Magical Icons! :D

I've made a bunch of nifty icons! =D They are free for everyone to use either for LJ or someplace else. Credit is not required, but it would be nice (use 'mekou' as credit.). Textless icons may be further customized.

I was too lazy to do a great deal of photoshop work, however every single icon has been editing in some way. =)

Breath of Fire - 7 Icons - Ursula, Nina, Teepo, Misc
Castlevania - 6 Icons - Sara Trantoul, Misc
Death Note - 5 Icons - L, Raito, Misc
Gorillaz - 15 Icons - 2D, Murdoc, Noodle, Misc
Samurai Champloo - 11 Icons - Fuu, Jin, Mugen

Total = 44


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X-Posted at: _champloo , death_note and gorillazicons. And, of course, My own LJ (Hence the Breath of Fire and Castlevania icons.

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