September 18th, 2005

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newbie here!

hm, it seems i cant find a site for direct dling the latest english translated chapters of death note (to be precise, from 63 to the present chapter).
can anyone help me?
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A little bit L/Near - with Mello, of course

L/Near/Mello! OT3! XD;; (that should be an icon, damn all of you.)


Oral Fixation
by vikki
Summary: Near remembers watching Mello addict himself to chocolate, one bar at a time.

Warnings: None. A little bit onesided Near/L, if you please? And of course, you can't have Near fic without Mello.

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[DN fans meeting]

OK, just a short notice to those going to Melbourne Anime Festival this weekend.......anyone cosplaying (esp Near cosplayers!) watch out for me, cos I may glomp you! XD I'll be walking around with my Death Note for identification purposes XD LET'S HAVE A DN GATHERING! Please let me take photos of you too!!! ^_^
ahem...expect to spot a Mello at the Yaoi panel and the food stall ^^;;


Hey, I've been a stalker for a while now, and was wondering if any one here is going to Anime Weekend Atlanta? It's this coming weekend (sept 24-26th). I'm going as Raito this year on saturday. I was wondering if anyone here was able to go, and was going to be cosplaying. I would love to try and get a large Dn group to take pictures with, or possible have a L with me, since I'm entering the Cosplay contest this year. You'll find me with Raito's school outfit, I'm also going to have the scythe that's on the first Dn manga, with a sign taped to it saying "Is looking for L, I have cake." taped to it. :D

How bout we all meet up somewhere, Like out side the Con at 3 or 4 on saturday and sunday? I wanna get a large group photo. <3

*sorry if this doesn't belong*
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Hi guys!

I found some really nice goodies at some random store in Tokyo last week, and I thought you might want them! I just got a job teaching english, but my paycheck won't be until next month, so I'm kinda in need of moneys. Highest bidder will get these items. Note that all three are from Jump Festa 2005 (at least, that's what it said on the larger wrapping of it all). Only accepting paypal in USD or JPY ONLY. Also shipping EMS only.

Kinda a shitty cell pic, but you get the idea:
Image hosted by

Pencilboard with Ryuuku, Misa, and Raito - opening bid 200y
Ryuuku omamori (protection charm) - opening bid 500y
Special Jump Festa 2005 L sticker - opening bid 500y

If you want to get the set, opening bid at 1200y.

If the bids go high enough, I'll throw in free shipping.

Comment with your bids below, please! Let these go to a good home!