September 20th, 2005


Up to chapter 58

Hello, new to community and new to manga. Call me Rini... Anyway...

I've been reading this manga since... well, past few days and I've been completely engrossed. So much that I've lost sleep over it. Eee gosh, I never came across such a manga as this one...

Collapse )

What a mind-boggling manga, much more so than Battle Royale or Kindaichi Case Files.... Those two mangas are... amatuers compared to Death Note.

I think my love for Death Note has arisen, despite the fact that it's boggling my mind. It's... addicting.

I know, from what I have searched, that there are currently 73 chapters translated and 78 chapters done by the manga-ka, or has that been a bit out-dated...?

There, said my piece, now I think I can sleep with the closure of chapter 57 and hope that it'll... be better in the next chapter in terms of.... morals and values.

::bows and leaves::
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