September 26th, 2005

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

Doujinshi in Progress

I've decided to compile all of my parody comics on Bleach, Hikaru no Go, and Death Note into a doujinshi.... called (its really gay) Bleach a Death Note, Let's GO!. I don't know when I'll be like making the final touches on it and if I want to go the route of doing comic tones or simple black/grey/white... but it'll be something to work on and hopefully be able to sell it (like for a dollar or 50 cents, lol).

The doujin is just different stories in manga (not 4 panel) format... so each story is like 3 - 5 pages each. The storylines combine the three mangas into dumb senarios... such as Raitou trying to figure a way to kill Ichigo and who would in a staring contest (L or Ryuuku). Dumb stuff like that.

I don't know when I'll be having a release date, but I'm slating it for November/December of this year.

What do you guys think?

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Upcoming Animania 2005

Animania 2005 is in about two weeks time in Sydney. Just wandering if there's anyone who's going?

More importantly, is there anyone doing Death Note cosplay? I'm going as L ^_^

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