September 28th, 2005

OTP love

Ryuuku is love!

Hello! I'm a noob to the comm, and I come bearing a Ryuuku colourbar. ^o^ The reaper doesn't get enough love!

Er...however, I'm a fool when it comes to the HTML stuff and the only thing I can provide you with is the caption and colourbar. *facepalms* I suppose I could provide you the link and let you do with it as you please. ^__^

Comments and credit would provoke massive gratitude!

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A request

Please feel free to delete this if it's inappropriate...   So sorry to take up room with this.

I'm hoping to get a fan of the pairing of Near and Mello to join this multifandom AU RP as Mello: divine_conflict

So, hopefully someone will find the premise interesting enough to apply.  (Other DN characters would be great, too~!)