September 29th, 2005

OTP love

2 L colourbars

YOSH! Two L colourbars to share! Oh yes, I had fun scouring the 50+ chapters for these pics of him...^o^ Er, apologies, but I still have no idea how to work the HTML crap...but if untidyclaws is around, perhaps she shall put the code in lovely copy/paste format again?? ^__^;;

But anyway, hope you like!

Credit/comments would be love!

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Which chapter?

Hey everybody, hope you don't mind a quick question...

In which chapter does L reveal himself to Light? You know: "I AM L." in the exam room. I have all the chapters on my old computer, but I had to leave it behind with my family when I moved. Now I need an image from that particular page, but I don't know which chapter to download! Thanks in advance. <3