October 1st, 2005

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Hello, everyone! =)

I am new to this community and to the whole series of Death Note.

I'm thinking about getting a new layout for my LJ and so I started experimenting with some images from the manga and some lyrics to songs that fit well with certain aspects of the series and/or characters.

I settled on this one header that I made, but I'm not that much of a graphic artist nor do I possess a talent even close to those people who are. So please don't comment saying how bad it is if that's what you think.

Thanks for looking at it and telling me your opinions on it! =)
[misc] My beloved was weighed down

Calling all AWA Death Note people!

HI! This is one of the several Raitos from the con (the one with the short, dark L on the chain. Heheh.) I have pics of anyone wants to swap, or anything. Also, Raito who coordinated the photoshoot - do you have the Misa's email? I forgot to get it when I saw her later at the con. AWA rocked!