October 6th, 2005

Gone but not forgotten

Death Note 2006 Comic Calendar.

No one's posted this yet, so I may as well. Shueisha updated their book website to show all the covers of their calendars. Death Note's is here. The rest can be found here.

Don't expect an awesome cover D:. They really copped out with it, didn't they? Well, I'm still getting it XD. Fire at will.
Portal - Companion Cube Dance

what? a death note anime? omg!!

hee-hee. just kidding! okay, umm, hey. i'm new here, well joined like a week ago but didn't really hae time to say hi or what-not. i won't have to much to offer in the way of graphics, as you can see from the icon i made. but i will always try to be full of wit! okay, so, yeah, just a quick "hey, what's up?" post.