October 17th, 2005

GSeed // Call the charge
  • naoekun

they didn't teach sleeping at Wammy's House x.x!

so I caught up with what's translated for Death Note and was very happy. Near is getting infinately cooler and I'm attatched to him more than I ever will be for L. :D

that said... I needed to take new shots u.u

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:/ well if I ever staged the setting for Near, it'd be even worse lighting... regardless, I want to buy huge lego blocks and spraypaint them grey XD

and I need to borrow some gundams >D ... or maybe manzinger figures...

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DHS-A-LB - Doctor Horrible - Fingers Cro

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Upon request, and upon the interest of fun, I present to you photos from our little DeathNote group at Ani-Magic in Lancaster, but two weekends ago.

Yagami Raito - antieden
L - aufklaerung
Near - naoekun (The awesometastic Near that just put photos up here recently.)

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This post was brought to you by the letters K, L, and N. Enjoy. :D

EDIT: I almost forgot again D: capt_koki was around as Weddy later, too. Collapse )