October 25th, 2005

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Yaoi-con Gathering?

Who's going to Yaoi-con?
So um. Yaoi-con is this week, October 28 to October 31st I think. xD;; So, I'm wondering who's going and is going to be as L. <.<;; (I'm going as L with a SMILE box, but I can't really participate in anything because I'm underaged ;_;) >.>? Also, if any cosplayers don't mind, I would like to take pictures ^^;; And hopefully have a photoshoot :D! And um. Hi!! My s/n is in my erm <.<;; LJ profile.. so. Yeah >.>; (I'm a LazyL cosplayer by the way x_x)

EDIT: SO um.. Whoever is going.. Will Saturday be a good day to..Ah. I'm new at this. I want to arrange a photoshoot, but I don't know how really. Will anyone be able to make it to Yaoi-con this Saturday at like.. maybe noon time? Maybe like about 1PM at the front door? <.<;; I wonder if this is allowed.. Anyway.. Sorry for late notice. I'm a newb at this. Haha xD; I bet no one will show up ;__;.. Well.. If you can go.. IM my s/n on AIM e.e;; (It's in my LJ profile)

EDITEDIT: Um.. I'm thinking of these two times for a photoshoot.. Both at the front of the hotel

Friday: 8:30PM to 9:00PM
Saturday: 1PM to 2PM

Just.. Yeah. I'll just hang out in front of the hotel and see which cosplayers will show up x.x;;

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