November 7th, 2005

  • vorkal

Hi, new member

I just read the manga and I was BLOWN AWAY, to say the least. I really wished I discovered this sooner. And from what I've seen, there's no anime, right?

Well, I've written about it in an anime blog I help run:
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Edit: YAY! you can make comments now! either that or the shoutbox! anything from people that are not on the team is like a breath of fresh air.
more specifically:

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So, I was thinking of getting back into reading Death Note.

I stopped right after Mello and Near were introduced because I really didn't like them so much and frankly, the events before their arrival were enough of an "ending" for me since I thought it was really awesome.

I've heard that the story picks back up and is worth continuing (much like the beginning of the Yotsuba arc.) So I was wondering if anyone knows WHERE to pick back up from. Basically whatever chapter it is that they first show them beginning the investigations is good for me as I've read a few chapters in, but, I'll just start at the beginning of their introductions.

Thanks a ton.