January 2nd, 2009

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Then don't hesitate to join death_test! This community is an active icon contest community for the series of Death Note. We are a weekly icontest, and already have a good amount of members, but our shinigami arms are always open for new contestants whether you are a novice or expert graphics artist. If you want, you can even join the community just to vote and be a spectator on all our contests. Whatever your path, death_test is your number one way to play with death.

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Any Mello players up for a Wammy plot that will proceed until the end of the manga? I can do both Near and Matt, but I prefer to play both with a good Mello. Also, my Matt is very, very straight, so be forewarned. :D


There is an example of my Near and my Matt. The Mello was played by soneone else, and we never finished the RP. If you play kinda like that, I'd love you forevarrrrrr.

You can reach me at Hiei the Ryu on AIM. :)