January 4th, 2009

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Wild Cherries: Oneshot

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.

Warnings: Smex, language, OOC.

Pairings: Raito/L or L/Raito

Summary: L is coughing and Raito wants to help. He gives some cough medication to L and it only brings out a drunken detective to the surface. A new game of wits is played between the two. Who will win?

Notes: I bring you another story from me and my mom. Hope you can some laughs and a good nosebleed from the smex inside. Please tell me what you think.


Holidays set!

Holidays set!
My first set in 2009 year!
[x2] Loveless
[x1] Kuroshitsuji

[x2] Death Note
[x1] Gundam 00
[x4] Code Geass
[x1] D.Gray-man
[x2] Bleach

[x4] Gundam 00 { Misters! }

Banners (FO)
[x2] D.Gray-man
[x2] Death Note
[x1] Vampire Knight

Manga coloring
[x1] Vampire Knight { Kuran Kaname }

[x21] Bleach
[x9] D.Gray-man
[x10] Other {Gundam 00, Code Geass, Vampire Knight }

+Profile Layouts
[x1] Vampire Knight
[x2] Loveless
[x4] Code Geass
[x1] D.Gray-man {Marian Cross}
[x1] Kuroshitsuji


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Death Note News: Volume 1

This is the first volume of Death Note News. If anyone is interested in receiving updates about the Death Note fandom, please add deathnote_news to your watch list.

Death Note News: Volume 1

Supplicant by ficwize [L/Light; Adult]
Funeral Dance by yinake [Misa/Sayu; R]
Wild Cherries by sueona [Raito/L or L/Raito; unrated ]
Suicide Show by rinnakins [Mello/Near; PG-15]

Actor Factor, chapter 2 by standardspork [Multiple pairings; T]

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