January 5th, 2009

green tea

Selling Mello Wig

First of all, MANY apologies if this isn't allowed here. I noticed a couple of other sales posts, so I'm assuming I can do this.

Well, unfortunately bills come before cosplay... and since my Mello pants and belt were badly damaged at my last con, I have no use for this wig anymore. Sad. ;-;

So I need to sell some stuff to help pay for bills, and this wig is one of the things I'd like to sell.

Here's a few pics of me wearing the wig.
Here (not being very Mello-ish lol)
And here

I paid $30 new for this wig. I wore it for a couple of at-home photoshoots, and for about three hours at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008.

I'd like $20+shipping for it, but I'll entertain other offers, so please make an offer if you're interested.

Again, my apologies if this isn't allowed here. I'm just seriously in need of some money and I figured someone here might need a cheap Mello wig in good condition. :)