January 9th, 2009

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iru3 just told me that she saw a pic of what L would've looked like in volume 13. Apparently, he was supposed to be really attractive without the eye bags and he looked like Sasuke from Naruto. Does anyone have a picture of this?

Random: LJ community drama is funny.
behold dah sexy geass!

FOR SALE: Death Note merchandise, and other things~


Trying to sell some stuff to help out with tuition expenses (textbooks in America are getting so expensive ;O;). a little collaboration between my brother and I...

Currently up for sale: Death Note merchandise, and other things! Notebooks, straps, clear files, etc. Lots of stuff from other series too-- I just haven't added all the pictures yet. ^^;; had a few issues with the camera..


all other items (WITH THE PICTURE FILTER ON; so everything you can buy here has a picture already uploaded)

For FEEDBACK, you can visit here: Feedback on EBAY!

Payment methods: you can pay through paypal, as a money order, and concealed cash (at your own risk; please disguise it somehow [security envelope?] and let me know beforehand! thanks!)

THANKS SO MUCH FOR LOOKING! i am fairly flexible with the prices. if you order at least a few items and have a reasonable request, feel free to message me privately and i'll at least hear it out! ;D if that's the case, i could send you a special paypal invoice with a discount, etc....

may be x-posted over a few days to different communities... ^^;;
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