January 14th, 2009

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Fic: Faith For the Faithless by Ghost Helwig (PG-13)

I wrote this for the 30_nights community (#34 - Bonus: it's Hard Not To Love You).
I hope it's okay that I'm posting it here.
Title: Faith for the Faithless
Author: Ghost Helwig
Pairing/Characters: Light Yagami/L Lawliet
Rating: (A very light) PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own or profit from Death Note. I wish I did. Heh.
Summary: It was easy, too easy, to love Light Yagami.
SPOILER WARNING: This story is a one-shot that deals (in vague terms) with up to & sorta including episode 25 of the anime.

Anyway, enjoy. Peace, all.

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:D (cross-posted a zany amount of places)

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I Love Ai Love Love’s Artwork~! XD

Although I’m still quite new to the Death Note fandom I’ve been exposed to lots and lots of gorgeous Mello/Matt/Near themed icons and such. In particular I’ve seen many using pictures originating from Ai Love Love (http://yapblog.jp/love-3-337/) which contains mass amounts of awesome artwork. However, after thoroughly searching the aforementioned site there are some pictures used (many of just Mello) that I have not been able to locate on the site, possibly due to my lack of understanding Japanese or just pure stupidity. XP

I was wondering if perhaps someone happened to have all past (or atleast some, I as imagine that’s quite a hefty request) Ai Love Love pieces saved somewhere else, perhaps a Photobucket account, Megaupload (or any of the other various file upload sites) or something similar? If it helps lessen the load, I’m mostly interested in works with only Mello and despite Ai Love Love seeming like it primarily focuses on MelloxMatt, any MelloxNear pieces. I still love Matt and MelloxMatt though! ;-; I would be immensely grateful as Ai Love Love’s work is made of the upmost kind of win. <333
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Hiya, I just joined this community and thought I would post some Death Note art I just uploaded to my DeviantART...

I drew it for a friend who actually had the initial idea and I thought it actually turned out not too bad. :3

Umm... possible yaoi hints...

Light's Surname

Hope you guys like it.
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