January 25th, 2009


Wammy's House Fanart?

Hey, newbie here. :D

I've been on the hunt for cute Wammy's House fanart, but I've come up dry. I'm not looking for pairings stuff, really, just adorable "family"-esque stuff. Preferrably with L in them, somehow.

Can you guys help me out? I've checked dA and it hasn't really been a profitable search, so now I don't now where to go. D=

Fic: Gentle Touch

Fandom: Death Note
Rating: T
Spoilers: Everything ever.
Specifics: Light/L (...), Light/Misa (mentions of it)
Author's Notes: My friend tehlionqueen  and I were all depressed over the death of L (cries), and we found the “gay moment” (the foot massage in the anime) to be the cutest thing ever. I wanted to write something similar to that moment. Beware of OOCness, just in case.
Summary: Light, L and a massage.

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