January 31st, 2009


L and Mello fanart

I recently completed a drawing that has a wee bit of L/Mello content in it, ok it is all about L/Mello though it is PG-13 I assure you, no really racy stuff going on at all.

This drawing involves L and an adult Mello in an AU setting as I have had quite a few fanfic ideas for a storyline where L and Mello survive amd move on with their lives, so in such a setting L would be closer to his 30's and Mello would be in his early 20's as we know him.

To start, my art skills are very much in flux and I am very much in the learning process for drawing and similar mediums. I am trying to improve and I do value constructive criticism. The anatomy on this piece was especially tough to do as I have never drawn characters embracing.

If this piece sounds intriguing, please click on the link below. If you are not into this pairing or not interested, than please do not click on the link below, reader's choice.

LxMello preview


@_@ Fanfic.

Hi hi, I lurk 24/7 but this is my first post here ever. And I come bearing a fanfic~
-attempts to figure out LJ cuts-

rating G
spoilers Chapter 59 and onwards, just to be safe
warnings Implied angst? o_o Very slight MxM and MxN
summary After Mello leaves the orphanage, there's a strange gap left behind.
disclaimer It's not mine!! D:

Also posted on FF.net, but slightly different/unedited version.

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 I don't know if this has already been asked, or if it's allowed to do posts like this, but does anybody have or know where to find any Matsuda icons? I'm trying to liven things up for my icon collection, and Matsu is nothing if not lively. Aizawa is also acceptable, if Matsuda cannot be found. 

EDIT: My efforts are still fruitless, even after looking through Photobucket. Sad day. Nobody loves Matsuda. 
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