February 6th, 2009

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What Not to Wear (1/2)

So this idea came to me when I was watching TLC on a long plane flight. I realize, of course, that it would never happen. Which is why it's crack. Total crack. Enjoy.

: What Not To Wear (Part 1 of 2)
Characters: Light, L, Stacy and Clinton.
Rating: PG
Genre: Total crossover crack.
Words: 1950
Disclaimer: I don’t own Death Note or What Not to Wear.

The only cops he can't handle are the Fashion Police.

A/N: If anyone who enjoyed this is any good at fashion drawing, would you be interested in illustrating this (and the second part) with a few pictures of L's new clothes?  I would do it if my art skills were up to snuff, but they aren't. I love a good collab.

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Chapter Two of Assassin

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.

Warnings: Angst, OOC, violence, smex. 

Pairings: ?/Raito

Summary: AU. Raito starts to work on cases secretly which bring him tons of trouble. While a hit man is after his life, he must put his utmost trust within the mysterious Ryuuzaki Rue. Though Ryuuzaki holds his own darkest secrets, including something that involves him.

Notes: Thanks for the reviews/comments I got for the first chapter. I enjoyed reading what others thought about what is going on. Of course, I can’t share anything or that will spoil everything. To let you know, this chapter might be a little confusing. Please let me know more of your thoughts, suggestions and any more ideas of what is going on.