February 9th, 2009

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For sale: Mello Wig (reposted, never sold)

I am selling one medium length blonde bob - used for Mello cosplay.

This wig was worn for two at-home photoshoots and for about three hours at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Due to some major sewing catastrophes, the costume's retired, so the wig has been carefully stored since then. The wig is synthetic.

$20 INCLUDING SHIPPING to the U.S.--contact for shipping elsewhere!

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I'm PinkCow08 on eBay and have all positive feedback. I also have all positive feedback on some other selling websites, mostly ball-joint doll themed ones, but I would be happy to screenshot my feedback threads as proof if necessary. :)

Doujinshi - Sharpen Your Fangs and Show Me You Can Lower Your Head

A little pet project (pun intended) I've been working on for quite some time - a scanslation of a LightxL doujinshi I've had lying about.

Warning: It's either light porn or heavy smut, take your pick. Either way, not appropriate for children under the age of 18, etc. etc.

Sharpen Your Fangs and Show Me You Can Lower Your Head

L, having been turned into a Cat Boy, locks himself in his room, and Light has to coax him out. The ending, however, is what makes this one so fantastic.


x-posted to my scanslation community, someorother *shameless plug*

I apologize on the weird ending.
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