February 23rd, 2009

Halle Screenshot Request =3

So, although I'm primarily a MelloxNear fan, I've found myself taking a liking to MelloxHalle. However, I've realized I have zero pictures of Halle, which is ashame as she's always been my favorite female character of the show cause she's just so darn awesome. <3

...Would anyone be willing to share any shots of Halle they may have laying around? ^^;; I'm mostly interested in anime shots, but if you have anything, whether it be from the manga, pretty fanart (but not from DeviantArt, cause I'm pretty sure I've nabbed just about every Halle picture there XD) or any other source, I'd have no qualms with that. Oh, and anything related to MelloxHalle would make me burst with absolute joy. ^__^