March 10th, 2009


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Death Note Character Fanart Meme

All right, I've always wanted to make this meme.

In a fandom, it's not unusual to develop favoritism towards a character or two.

Personally, my characters of choice are Near and Gevanni (Mello and L on occasion). They're all I really draw because, well, I like them a lot.

But, there are other characters in Death Note that I always wanted to draw, and I don't know when I'll really get the chance. That's why I made this meme. So, now I have an excuse and you do too!

This meme is also a light exercise in character design which is always good and very fun to practice. Death Note has quite the arsenal of interesting character designs what with the unique hairstyles, eyes, noses and facial structures.

But please don't get intimidated by it. Just have fun with it and do whatever the heck you want.


DA Link (In case you need something to link back to!)

-Fill in the blank spaces with the named character. No real rules besides this. You could even draw them as stick figures or draw their shoes or whatever.

- For SPK/Task Force you have to draw a chracter from the Task Force (Matsuda, Papa Yagami, Aizawa, Mogi, Ide, Aiber, Wedy, etc) OR the SPK (Gevanni, Halle, Rester, Ill Ratt, etc).

- The last two are you choice of DN characters. Possibilities: Shinigami, Mello's Mafia, Obscure characters, Shibutaku, redo a few characters you like, a child version of them, genderswitch, what the hell ever


EXAMPLE (By yours truly c: ):
Optional DeviantArt Link if you wanna be a cool guy and comment or something.


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