March 17th, 2009


L is for Legacy (Chapter 8: Between Houses and Homes) [COMPLETED]

Title: L Is For Legacy ~ Chapter 8: "Between Houses and Homes"
Characters: Near, Sayu, and Haru-chan; past L/Light/Misa and L/Light
Genre: Semi-AU, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Light invited L into a threesome with him and Misa during the summer they were chained at the wrist, he never imagined Misa would become pregnant with L’s child. Now L is dead, and Light must face the burden of raising his rival’s son as his own.

Yes, this is the final chapter of this story. However, it is not the last fic I will write about our favorite accidental baby. Teenage!Haru muse beckons. But for now, farewell, and thanks for reading! You are all such love, and you know who you are.

Chapter 8: In which Haru gets on an airplane...

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