March 19th, 2009

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4 DN doujinshi for sale (and fanart!)

I've got 4 Death Note (and 6 Bleach) doujinshi up on eBay, with the auctions ending tomorrow. As of this writing, most of them are still going for the minimum bid of $ .99.


Death Note Dizzy Melon WAMMY'S ANGELS

Marukichi Death Note NEKROMANTIK

Death Note Dizzy Melon NEARLY DEAD

Dizzy Melon Death Note PARANOIA


ETA: And GAAAH I completely forgot to add that I finally have a new DN fanart, this time of Matt, using some new techniques I got from a DVD I bought (info in Deviantart description). Collapse )
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Fic: Still Alive, Death Note, Near, PG

Title: Still Alive
Word Count: 2,132
Characters: OC, Near, Mentions of the Kiras, Mentions of L
Genre: Drama, slight Angst
Rating: PG
Summary: A last note from the second Kira leaves Near with one more task to finally close the Kira case for good.
Notes: This is my first entry for DN-Contest for Week #51- OC, and also my first fic with Near as a main character. I hope I did him justice, though I do suspect that he is a bit OCC. Let me know what you guys think! This has been cross posted to death_eyes, death_note, and deathnote_fics!

This is a strange feeling, and not one that Near is entirely familiar with...


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