March 20th, 2009

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been forever since my last post, enjoy!

Samurai champloo x 12
Fruits Basket x 5
Inuyasha x 11
Peach girl x 2
Gokinjo Monogatari x 1
Rozen maiden x1
Haruhi Suzumiya x1
Spirited Away/Miyzaki x 3
Popotan x 2
Chobits x 1
Death Note x 2
Paprika x2

J Artists:
Miyavi x 25
Tommy February x 1
Kagrra, x 6
Anna Tsuchiya x 2
Double u x 1
Alice nine x 1
Utada Hikaru x 4

Chicks on Speed x 3

Gion Bayashi x 2
Bento/bubble tea x 3
Battle Royale x 4
Misc x 4
Memoirs of a geisha x 7

Video Games:
The legend of Zelda (TP, OOT, WW, SSB, PH) x 31
Mario x 3
Kingdom hearts x 2


(Follow the fake cut)
Death Note- L Challenges You

Fic: Pillow of Your Bones 1/1, DN, L/Light, PG-13

Title: Pillow of Your Bones
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Raito/L, mentions of B with slight Raito/B
Warnings: allusions to Necrophilia, yaoi, horror themes, possible OOC
Word Count: 1,818
Summary: Watching the sleeping patterns of L's prime suspect in the Kira case not only raises his suspicions, but perhaps brings up a bit of his past as well...
Notes: This is the first time I've ever attempted to write Beyond Birthday aka B. Hopefully I did him so justice! Also, I don't know if this quite fits in with the prompt, although I did work it in as a theme, this was for Week #52: Necrophilia at dn_contest. I fear there may be some OOC-ness in this, but hey, give it a try and let me know what you think!

"Never kill the ones you love."


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