March 24th, 2009

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The God Of Inconvenience

Title: The God Of Inconvenience
Author: speaky_bean
Characters: OC (Lamewad), The Shinigami King, Light, Sayu, Soichiro, A, Gevanni, Halle, Mello, Ryuk, Sidoh, Misa, Jealous
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,636
Notes: I am not completely responsible for the OC that this story focuses on. My sister ich_bin_puppy and I have a highly ridiculous RP that we engage in, and this OC, a death god named Lamewad (as he has been named by other death gods who don’t think highly of him), is straight from that. Lamewad is a death god who doesn’t want to be a death god—he thinks that human life is precious and he doesn’t want to end it. He obtains something called the Inconvenience Note—instead of heart attacks, it trips people. Instead of gaining lifespans he gains the time that the person is inconvenienced or hurt for. This becomes quite a bit more work than he bargained for, and he ends up having to do terrible things to people—maybe things that are worse than killing them.
Warning: I haven’t written anything in first person for about four years, so if it sounds awkward, please forgive me!

(To be a god of death is to be a god of selfishness. I will not be a god of death any longer.)
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End: Readers decide what happens next.

I do not own Death Note, sadly. L


Warnings are as follow pretty much everything you can think of. I leave it at that.


Summary: He is L, enemy to Kira and Raito is Kira, enemy to L. It would never work between them or will it? READERS DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS!


Author Notes:


This will be my first ever time fic of where the readers get to decide what happens next. Your ideas will be something I write on. I hope to have some fun with this and the readers have a say. This part is the start of the fic and now I leave the readers to tell me what you wish to see. I will state this first, the next part will be THREE YEARS LATER. So, please leave your suggestions and ideas in the comments/reviews. I will pick one of the ideas and write the second part to it. The idea I pick, I will put up whose idea it was up in the notes. Hope you enjoy the first part and please comment. J