March 30th, 2009



So there's this chick I know who, for whatever reason, refuses to post here. So anyway, this is not mine, but she wanted to share it, and so I'm posting it, with permission.

Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,071
Characters: Matt/Mello/Near

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Fic: Lost Cause 1/1, DN, L/Raito, PG-13

Title: Lost Cause 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Raito/L
Warnings: allusions to Necrophilia, yaoi, horror themes, possible OOC
Word Count: 1,341
Summary: Never kill the ones you love, words that echo like the ringing of bells, haunting him for his sins, haunting him for becoming Kira...
Notes: This is the sequel to my story Pillow of Your Bones, so it might be helpful to you if you read that first. I would also like to think joyinthedance for nudging my muse in the direction of writing a sequel to Pillow of Your Bones. So everyone, blame Joy for this one. And as always this was beta'd by my lovely sisters Lissa and Jesse, so direct your complaints to them. LOL.

The rain is coming down heavily, and he’s soaked to the bone.


Hope you all enjoyed this, and please review. Reviews make my muse Provenance very happy, and when she's happy she's less inclined to be completely sadistic. I'm a masochist to a certain degree but she can be scary! Again hope you all enjoyed!
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